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Innovative design of Automation of Single Entry Condensers

We at Shamraj Enercon Technologies have grown to become one of the most trusted names in the fields of Single Entry S S Condensers, Micro Spray Water Cooling Systems & Automation of Condensing & Cooling Systems. Today with strong foundations & with proven worldclass technology SET's capabilities of saving energy in modern sugar factories are helping sugar industry become more energy competent. SET's strategic vision as a producer of most modern energy saving backed up by an excellent team of dynamic project executives. We now take this opportunity to inform you that we have invented fully automated Single Entry

condenser with innovative design. During last five years the Single Entry Condensers under Automation needed to have separate spring loaded actuator on every Jet & Spray Nozzle (Nozzle Governing System). These actuators close or open under application of high water pressure. The actuators of Spray / Jet Nozzles are internally connected with each other by means of high pressure rubber tubing to form a group. With variation in vapour load a group of Jet or Spray Nozzle close or open by sensing approach temperature between vapour& tail pipe temperature. This particular Nozzle Governing System requires very high maintenance & expensive spares every off season. Also due to complicated tubing network factory technicians or instrumentation Engineer cannot take up maintenance / repairs of this Nozzle Governing System. Therefore factories who have installed Nozzle Governing System for condenser automation need to have an AMC with the manufacturer & costs about Rs. 6 to 7 Lacs (approx) every year.

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For your kind consideration we herewith tabulate the difference between our innovative design of Automation of condensers as compared with Nozzle Governing System

S No. SET’s Single Entry Condenser with New Automation System Nozzle Governing System
1 A group of Spray Atomisers or Jet Nozzles are closed by sensing incoming vapour load by means of minimizing approach between vapour temperature & tail pipe temperature A group of Spray Atomisers or Jet Nozzles are closed by sensing incoming vapour load by means of minimizing approach between vapour temperature & tail pipe temperature
2 No. of groups of Spray Nozzle with Jet Nozzle are five & depend upon the capacity of pan No. of groups of Spray Nozzle with Jet Nozzle are five & depend upon the capacity of pan
3 Every group is separately controlled from outside the condenser & doesn’t need actuators working on water pressure In every group of Spray / Jet Nozzles all actuators are connected with each other by means of special grade rubber tubing & need high water pressure.
4 The spray or Jet Nozzle are not internally connected with each other. Therefore all Nozzles close or open without any problem. In case if any interconnecting tube is slipped, the entire group of Nozzle remain open & cannot be closed as & when required.
5 Closure of group of Spray Nozzle / Jet Nozzle is visible from outside the condenser In case of slippage of any tube or clogging of actuator it is not possible to make out whether this particular group is closed or working from outside the condenser.
6 This system doesn’t need high pressure water. Therefore two Nos. of water pumps at condenser floor its tubing piping throughout the condensers bay is eliminated. The pressure tank / accumulator tank are also not needed. This automation system requires high pressure water for actuation of Nozzle. High pressure pumps accumulator pressure tanks are required.
7 System works on pneumatic pressure (outside condenser ) & so complicated net work of internal tubing in Jet Box is eliminated. As all Nozzles are internally connected a complicated network of tubing is essential.
8 Due to simplicity in design the system is practically maintenance free & doesn’t require any AMC at all. The system requires frequent cleaning, repairing & maintenance. Due to complicated network inside the Jet Box sugar factory needs to have annual maintenance contract worth Rs. 4 to 5 lacs every year.
9 There is no need of separate Junction Box for solenoid valve on every condenser System works on hydraulic pressure. Therefore a set of solenoid valve with internal tubing is required.
10 System doesn’t work on hydraulic pressure System works on high pressure water & very clean & filtered water ( drinkable quality ) is required which is very difficult to maintain in case of sugar factories. Normally sugar factories provide water from feed water tank which may contain small bagasse particles / dust particles. This leads to actuator jamming.
11 Nozzle jamming not at all happens as system doesn’t need hydraulic pressure. The hydro actuators are not needed so internal complicated tubing, clamping, actuators etc. are not needed. Therefore when needed any group of nozzle can open or close & maintain good vacuum in pan. In case if actuators are jammed they get stuck in between due to which the piston cap closing the outlet orifice of Nozzle remains in closed condition & therefore vacuum condition gets hampered. This becomes a great headache for sugar factories as down time due to complicated net work is very high. In such case factory staff cannot do any maintenance or cannot even locate the problems. In this case they have to depend upon the supplier of this system otherwise they have to run their pan with poor vacuum condition & eventually sugar quality & boiling house capacity get badly affected.
12 The system is very simple doesn’t need our assistance at all. The system is completely fail safe. In case of failure of air supply / electric supply all Nozzle remain open. Therefore a constant vacuum is maintained.
This automation system does not depend upon TDS of water & work efficiently without any damage to Nozzles.
For smooth working of Nozzle Governing Automation System it is essential that the TDS of water must be below 2500. Because of high TDS scaling problem increases due to which the actuator, solenoid valves etc. fail to work due to clogging. Due to heavy scaling practically all Jet Nozzles with actuators & solenoid valve need to be replaced during every off season. This incurres heavy recurring cost on maintenance.
13 As the basic concept of automation is similar, your existing condenser with automation having Nozzle Governing System can be converted into SET’s newly invented automation system for which your Jet Box having complicated net work of tubing & actuators will be replaced with our new innovately designed Jet Box. The inlet water line may have to be slightly modified. All your existing controllers, PLC etc. alongwith logic may be used for new system.