Mechanical Circulator and Batch Pan

Mechanical Circulator and Batch Pan

Mechanical Circulator & Batch Pan

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The Circulation of the Massecute in Vacuum Pans plays a vital role in Steam requirement for Sugar boiling.

Basically, the crystallization of sucrose involves complex processes that require the correct design of vacuum pans and precise operation.

A particularly important factor is the circulation, which is strongly interrelated with the convective-boiling heat transfer in the calendria and determines, to a large extent, the velocity of crystallization and the uniformity of the conditions inside the vessel.

Pan Circulators, if properly designed, can significantly improve the performance of a pan.

The Forced circulation improves heat transfer and so shortens the duration of the batch boiling, thus improving capacity.

It has also been seen that Circulators improve the quality of high-grade sugar produced.

This is a consequence of the better circulation leading to more homogeneous crystallization conditions within the pan.