Mist Cooling System

Mist Cooling System

Mist Cooling System Spraypond

Products Information

Cooling Efficiency:

The extremely smooth inside surface finish brings frictional losses to practically zero. S S inserts provided at the discharge end, ensure a uniform spray and avoid deformation. Thus, the system is perfectly designed for a definite temperature drop of 10.c. to 11.c. as the microfine atomized spray created by our micro spray nozzles, offers high surface contact with the ambient air. Under computerized automation of our condensers, system can give a temperature drop up to 15.c.-16.c

Highly Economical

Due to the special quality of Isophthalene Engineering Polymer used as raw material micro spray nozzles, clusters are resistant to erosion and corrosion. The result longer life, compared to other systems using ordinary thermoplastics.

Effect of Sunlight

Our Isophthalene Engineering Spray Pond equipment, withstands the action of sunlight effortlessly, due to the special grade polymer used as raw material.

Traditional spray pond systems including mist cooling need CI / PVC Tee on every civil column for installation of Five Way Cluster. We have developed a unique Five Way Cluster that can be directly screwed into F.T. console fitted on branch. This eliminates a no. of SS / MS nut bolts, jointing packing. This facilitates maintenance cleaning of nozzles etc.

During off season the entire cluster can be unscrewed, each nozzle can be unscrewed even special F.T. console can be taken out for cleaning purposes.

Cooling Efficiency

The system is designed to suit low head spray pumps of 10/12mtr head hence power requirement at the spray station is 35% lower compared to cooling towers with induced draft fans.

Gravity Flow Micro Spray Water Cooling System

Gravity flow spray pond facilitates elimination of spray pumps. Condensers are installed at a height of about 22mtrs & hot water coming out of tail pipes is collected in a common header (installed at 10mtrs height from G.L.) & this header is directly connected to spray pond common header. This system is very effective & saves on power. Branch Lines are of special grade u/v resistant PVC helps reduce frictional losses. Only one flange joint at start of branch line. Main line fabricated from SS (409 / 304) ensures maintenance free life of over 15 years. Due to SS as material of construction scaling, corrosion shall be eliminated.